10 Alternatives to Shaving Cream

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10 Alternatives to Shaving Cream

Whether you forgot to carry your shaving cream on your trip or you’re out to try new products, there are many alternatives to try. Shaving creams are available in different forms, including gels, bars, and lotions. Most of them comprise a mixture of soaps, water, and oils that converts it into a foamy-like cream. Often, shaving creams contain about 20-30% soap and approximately 10% foaming agents.

However, you’re perhaps wondering why you’ll require an alternative to your usual shaving cream. At times, you might be very busy and forget to buy your favorite shaving cream. Well, instead of opting to have a dry shave which isn’t advisable, you can go for the numerous alternatives to shaving creams. Another reason to use alternatives to shaving creams is that your skin type may not agree with some of the available shaving creams. Besides, most shaving creams are quite expensive, and may have to use the relatively affordable alternatives to save some money.

Having said that, let’s now look at the ten best alternatives to shaving creams.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

An Aloe Vera gel offers your skin cooling, soothing, and antiseptic properties that are suitable when shaving. Additionally, it does well when it comes to curing skin redness, rashes, or sunburns. For these reasons, Aloe Vera gel is one of the best alternatives to shaving creams. It’s a perfect substitute for shaving cream as it contains the same consistency as most shaving creams.

Additionally, Aloe Vera gel doesn’t destroy your shaving razor, and it assists glide your shaving razor easily, protecting your skin against razor burns. Also, if you accidentally get a razor burn, the soothing effect the Aloe Vera gel has will help prevent redness and itching.

2. Coconut Oil

Another excellent alternative to shaving cream you can easily find is coconut oil. It’s known to have hydrating properties that can hydrate your skin immediately. Besides, coconut oil helps make your skin smooth and soft, ready for a perfect shave.

Additionally, coconut oil contains antibacterial properties to keep your skin protected against possible infections. You only need to apply sufficient amounts of coconut oil to the areas you intend to shave. Therefore, coconut oil is a safe alternative to shaving cream you can use to have a perfect shave at home.

3. Baby Oils

Baby oils are easy to find, particularly if you have children in your house. But have you ever known that these are one of the best alternatives to shaving cream? Well, renowned baby oil brands are produced using the safest components and pure oils. Baby oils develop a shield on your skin that keeps it safe and prevents irritation or itching. You require to apply a small quantity to get a perfect shave as it offers your skin softness and lubricates for easy razor glide.

4. Hair Conditioner

You probably have a hair conditioner in your bathroom that you use when taking a bath. If so, then you have an excellent alternative to shaving creams at your disposal when your shaving cream is out of stock. Hair conditioner helps soften hair and makes your skin surface slick for easy razor gliding while shaving. Besides, the conditioning effect it gives makes your facial skin feel smooth and tender once you finish shaving. However, ensure the hair conditioner you use doesn’t contain any ingredient that is unfavorable to your skin type.

5. Shampoo

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A shampoo and hair conditioner serve relatively similar purposes. Therefore, if one is an alternative to shaving creams, so is the other. A shampoo serves as a shaving foam since it’s able to create foam easily. Apply a small quantity of shampoo, and you’ll have your hair ready for shaving in seconds. Like the hair conditioner, ensure the shampoo you use doesn’t have any unsuitable ingredients for your skin type.

6. Shea Butter

Most people use shea butter after taking a shower and as an after-shave moisturizer. However, you can also use shea butter as an alternative to shaving creams to get a smooth and soft shave. It makes razor gliding easy, enabling your razor to remove hair smoothly to give you a clean shave. Additionally, when using shea butter, you don’t need to apply any lotion once you shave.

7. Body Lotion

You probably don’t lack a body lotion in your bathroom — and like other skin moisturizers, it can serve as an alternative to shaving creams. Body lotions give the required consistency and act as a barrier between your shaving razor and your skin. However, when using body lotion for shaving, ensure you take care of how you apply it. Avoid rubbing your body lotion into your skin thoroughly. Otherwise, your body will absorb it and lead to nearly a dry shave.

8. Honey

In recent days, honey has gained popularity as a natural ingredient for home-based DIY facemasks for shaving. Honey consists of anti-inflammatory elements that assist in minimizing skin irritation when shaving. Therefore, honey is an excellent alternative to shaving creams that gives your skin a protective barrier. Consequently, it decreases the likelihood of your skin getting damaged when shaving.

9. Peanut Butter

Are you wondering how Peanut Butter can serve as an alternative to shaving creams? Well, Peanut Butter is not only perfect for making sandwiches but also when shaving. It’s a dense substance that keeps your skin safe against razor cuts. Unfortunately, it can easily clog your razor, so you’ll need to use a high-quality razor.

10. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter consists of similar properties as Shea Butter. The two serve as moisturizing ingredients in the majority of the lotions and body creams. For these reasons, Cocoa Butter is regarded as a perfect moisturizing agent to keep your skin hydrated after a shave. Therefore, Cocoa Butter is among the best alternatives to shaving creams you should try out for a clean shave. Additionally, Cocoa Butter doesn’t have any side effects to cause any worries of skin damage.

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