10 Tips for Shaving the Bikini Line

You’re thinking of shaving your bikini line but aren’t sure how to get this done. It’s okay to worry a bit. This is a sensitive area, but the following tips should help ensure you get this done right.

1. The Professional’s Guide

If you’ve never done this before, it’s okay to get a little help. Getting help can calm your nerves. A salon that removes unwanted hair could make things a lot easier for you. Sure, they’ll do the job for you, but they can also help you learn how to do this yourself if you ask.

You might have to work with a hair specialist a few times to learn as much as you can, but when you decide to do this task, you’ll feel more confident about doing it yourself. If you need more than one session to feel comfortable, that’s okay.

2. Trimming Beforehand

It’s important to trim before you shave. You’ll probably notice a few long hairs. These are easier to address with a trimmer. Now, you can invest in a good trimmer or just use some trimming scissors whichever is more comfortable for you.

Try to deal with the long hairs, but make sure you’re careful as you do this. If you try to shave without trimming, it might be a little harder, and you may end up irritating your skin as you do it, and no one wants that. This is how you end up with those razor bumps or with a bad shaving experience.

3. The Right Blade

You must have a good razor blade for this next part. Shaving with anything other than a sharp blade is not going to be a good thing. You’ll probably experience some skin irritation, and that can make your day at the beach an unpleasant outing.

Dull blades can make your skin feel itchier than normal and pull at your hair. The thing is you can easily replace your blade if you know it’s dull. Normally, you can use one blade about 10 times before you change it, so try to keep that in mind, especially for an area as sensitive as this one.

4. Hydration is Vital

Before you shave, make sure you hydrate the area for at least five minutes. Yes, this probably means you’ll have to take a bath. You want the skin and hair to be as hydrated as possible before you start shaving.

The reason you’re doing this is that it’s easier to address the hairs you have to cut. If you’re going to this all the time, then just make it a point to take steps to hydrate the area by using hydrating lotions in that area as much as possible.

5. Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Once you believe your bikini area is hydrated enough, consider exfoliating a bit. There are a lot of products that help you exfoliate, so choose one that works best for you and use it often.

This may not seem like such a big deal, but it helps get rid of dead skin and little hairs that might be loose. Getting rid of all this before you start shaving helps reduce the chances you’re skin will become irritated. You know how bad that feels, so this is a good idea.

6. Shaving Cream Matters

Some people don’t use shaving cream, and if you’re one of these folks, then stop doing that. You need to use shaving cream to reduce the chances of experiencing things like razor burn.

Shaving cream, especially high-quality cream, helps your blade glide over your skin much easier. Good shaving cream also reduces the chances of dealing with skin irritation. If you need to apply more while you’re shaving, don’t hesitate. Some folks skip adding more because they try to save their shaving cream, but that’s a bad idea.

7. The Right Technique

You need to use the right shaving technique, especially in this area of your body. First of all, you have to work on ensuring that your hand is as steady as possible. Work in an area that’s quiet because you don’t want to be startled while doing this.

With a steady hand, your strokes will be steady and light as they should be. Try to apply no pressure while shaving. With a sharp blade, this part should be easy. Be sure to shave in the direction of your hair growth. If you don’t know what that is, find out before you start.

8. The Switch Gamble

Okay, so you know you’re supposed to shave in the direction of hair growth. For the most part, this is going to work and should help reduce the chances of dealing with any irritation, but sometimes, this is not always possible.

You might need to get a closer shave, and that’s okay. What you’ll need to do is shave against your hair’s growth. If this is the case, shave very slowly but in long strokes. The less you have to do this, the better for you.

9. The Rinse

You’re done shaving, but this process isn’t over. What you need to do now is rinse everything off. Make sure you use cool or cold water to do this. If you don’t want to splash cold water on your skin, that’s okay.

You can use a cold washcloth. Press the cloth on your skin for a few minutes to help soothe your skin a bit. After you’re done doing this, you can move on to drying everything with a pat drying action.

10. Moisturize a Bit

It’s important that once you’ve dried off that you moisturize a bit. Your skin just went through a traumatic event. Shaving isn’t all that nice to your skin, and you were using water.

All of this could dry your skin out a bit. Dry skin could be irritating, so you want to address this. The best thing you can do is apply something moisturizing. There are many lotions out there that’ll do the trick, so just choose one that works for you.

You’ve got all the tips to shave your bikini line with no issues. If you do have some additional concerns, then talk to a salon specialist. You need someone who can help you out.

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