5 Different Types of Razors: How to Pick your Next Razor

5 Different Types of Razors: How to Pick your Next Razor

Getting an exceptional shave to a large extent depends on whether you’re using the best tools, including shaving creams, beard oils, and conditioners. However, the most crucial tool for a smooth shave is the razor. The type and quality of razors you use for shaving can impact the level of a shave you get.

Consequently, you need to understand the various types of razors and tips to select one that suits your needs. As a result, in this article, we will highlight the best razors and give you tips on how to pick your next razor.

Here’s a list of the best razors and tips for selecting your next razor.

1. Cartridge Razors

The advantage of cartridge razors is that they are simple in design and easy to use. Additionally, these razor blades are within a one-use cartridge, ranging between two and six blades. They are tightly spaced to give you a quick, smooth shave. Often, the cartridge has high flexibility to enable the blades inside to curve gently. The cartridge’s flexibility allows this razor type to be applicable in parts that need the blade to follow your skin’s outline.

Cartridge razors are the best alternative to use when in a hurry as they allow you to shave quickly owing to the many blades. However, you should change the cartridges frequently, even though it can be costly in the long-run. Failure to change them regularly can lead to severe repercussions, including damaging your skin through cuts.

2. Disposable Razors

These razors consist of a plastic handle anchored to a blade, and they can be used once or at maximum twice. Typically, disposable razors contain low-quality blades, making their shave less close. Besides, they are likely to make you cut or scratch yourself while shaving. As such, disposable razors aren’t the best choice for sensitive parts of your skin. However, you have different quality levels of disposable razors, from those with one blade to those that imitate cartridge razors.

3. Electric Razors

These razors consist of a blade and motor, and they fall into either rotary or foil categories. Depending on the shaving needs you have, electric razors are suitable for a quick shave, particularly for individuals who travel regularly. Nowadays, electric razors are powered by rechargeable batteries, though some have plug-in cords.

4. Safety Razors

Safety razors come with a single-blade and a safeguarding gadget located between the periphery of the blade and your skin. The protective device prevents the blade from scratching into your skin, and that’s why they are known as safety razors. Additionally, their blades are highly affordable, making them one of the cheapest razor types.

5. Straight Razors

These razors consist of a metal blade and a handle that also serves as the storage for the blade. Also, they are one of the sharpest razors on the market and give a close shave. However, straight razors are the most difficult razors to learn how to use, particularly if you’re new to the shaving process. Besides, their blades are entirely unshielded, leading to deep cuts and scratches if you’re not careful when shaving.

How to Pick Your Next Razor

When selecting the type of razor for your needs, there are several factors you should take into consideration. Some of these factors are as follows.

  • Check the pricing before buying your next razor. You should consider your available budget and the expected costs of operating a razor before buying one. For instance, if you’re a new shaver in town, you can start with a medium-priced razor before upgrading to a more expensive one.
  • Decide on the razor head type. When looking for a razor, you should select between an adjustable and stable razor head. The benefit of the adjustable one is you can determine your razor’s force depending on the shave you desire.
  • The length of a razor. It’s also crucial for you to consider the length of the handle before picking your next razor. You can either choose a short or long-handled razor depending on what suits your needs.
  • Type of maintenance your next razor requires. Razor maintenance is an essential factor to consider when picking your next shaving razor. You should select a razor that is easy to clean after use.
  • Razor sharpness. Finally, you should also pick a razor with sharp shaving blades to give you a close shave that you’ll happy with.
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