Dangers of Dull Blades

Even the sharpest razor blades go dull over time. The blunt razor blade is an issue most people have faced during their lives, with lots of people holding onto a razor blade beyond its lifespan. Alongside the problem of razor burn and cuts, an aging razor increases the likelihood of infections becoming a problem.

  1. Shaving will take Longer

You may not look at shaving taking longer as a big problem, but most people want their shave over as fast as possible. A dull blade causes your shave to take longer because it will not remove as much hair quickly. To get a close shave, you will have to shave the same area numerous times.

  1. Nicks and Cuts

A dull razor is likely to pull on your skin because it does not glide smoothly over the surface area. When a razor blade becomes dull, the first problem you will notice is it pulling on every bump and lump on your skin. As your razor fails to remove as much hair, you will find yourself pushing down with greater force as you try to get a closer shave. Using more force increases the chances of your blade becoming snagged on your skin.

  1. Bumps and Inflammation

The use of a dull razor blade causes the blunt pieces of metal to drag across the surface of your skin. The problems caused by a blunt razor include redness and bumps, often referred to as razor burn. Dull razors have a higher chance of causing razor burn because more pressure is applied to get a close shave. When using a dull razor, the main concern is for the skin becoming inflamed. The damage caused by razor burn is generally minimal, but some people have seen scarring to the skin because of a dull razor.

  1. Bacteria and Infection

Each time a razor passes over your skin it picks up skin cells and bacteria. If you continue to use a dull razor for a long time, you will find yourself at greater risk of infection. A dirty razor is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses that are blocked from your body by the skin. A dull razor makes a cut more likely, with bacteria passing into your body and causing an infection. Most infections appear as a lump or bump at the site of the cut. If a razor is old, more bacteria will be held and pass into your bloodstream.

The best option for avoiding the infections caused by dull razors is to change the blade regularly. For those who shave each day, your blade should be replaced every one to two weeks to avoid damaging your skin. Whenever your razor blade begins to pull on your skin your blade has become dull and needs replacing.

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