Electric Razors: Are They Worth It?

Electric Razors: Are They Worth It?

Are electric razors worth buying? That’s a common question among shaving enthusiasts. However, each individual has his/her preference when choosing between electric and traditional razors. Fortunately, each razor type has its unique benefits over the other, and today you’ll learn about the reasons why electric razors are worth it.

Below are convincing reasons why you should invest in electric razors for your shaving needs.

1. Electric Razors Offer Convenience and Speed

One of the fundamental reasons why electric razors are worth investing in is their functionality. With these razors, you don’t require a lot of time, thorough pre-shave preparation, lathering, or much effort to have a close shave.

You only need to take your electric razor and begin the shaving ritual. Afterward, you don’t even need to clean it manually, rather you throw it into an automated cleaner, and you’ll be ready! Isn’t this convenient and speedy? In case your electric razor model doesn’t have a cleaning station, you can be sure it’s easy to maintain and clean using tap water. Ultimately, if you’re a person who is always on-the-go, electric razors are worth buying.

2. Electric Razors are More Comfortable

Conventional shaving razors often come with sharp blades, which means you are likely to cut yourself while shaving. Adequate preparation, including the application of shaving creams, can only lower such risks to some extent.

However, electric razors offer you much more comfort, minimal irritation and don’t cause cuts or nicks. Besides these benefits, electric razors still give you the perfect close shave you desire. Furthermore, if your skin is sensitive to razor burns, irritation, bumps, and ingrowths, electric razors are worth trying. They can minimize such after-shave side effects, leaving you comfortable and happy.

3. From the Economic Point of View, Electric Razors are Worth It.

Often, most electric razors’ initial buying price is relatively high, but in the long-run, it’s a worthwhile investment. Even so, many electric razors come with a relatively affordable price tag.

With proper care, a high-quality electric razor is durable, and you can use it for several years. However, you’ll have to replace its blades and foils at least once or twice each year. Even with these replacements, electric razors are relatively cost-effective than cartridge razors, whose cost is high and aren’t durable. Therefore, it’s safe to say that electric razors are worth it.

4. You can Shave Using Electric Razors from Any Location

Most traditional razors have limitations when it comes to where you can use them to shave. Often, you can only use them either in your bathroom or at the sink.

However, with electric razors, provided you are close to an electric outlet or you have charged the battery, you’ll be ready to shave. Irrespective of being larger, most electric razors are easily portable for this reason. These razors are perfectly suited for individuals who are always on the move, including frequent travelers.

5. Electric Razors are Versatile

Most electric razors are waterproof, making them flexible to use for both wet and dry shaves. A wet shave involves applying shaving cream or soap that produces lather before using your electric razor to shave. On the contrary, a dry shave involves using an electric razor to cut hair without applying shaving cream.

The versatility of these razors allows you to get a close shave by applying shaving cream, lowering the risk of irritation and razor burns. As such, if your skin type is sensitive, these razors are worth it.

6. Electric Razors have Advanced Blades

Most traditional razors come with sharp and high-quality blades. However, electric razors have even better and advanced blades of high precision. Some of them come with inner blades positioned at 30 degrees to make hair shaving at the root easy. Collaboratively with specialized outer foils, these advanced blades can lift, hold, and shave each hair on your skin, stopping razor bumps. These excellent properties of the blades make electric razors worthwhile to buy.

7. Electric Razors have Flexible Razor Heads

Most traditional razors come with rigid razor heads, limiting the areas they can reach when shaving. However, electric razors contain flexible razor heads, making it possible to shave even tight parts of your body. For instance, the Arc5 electric razor’s head can rotate in 16 different directions and pivots to shave the hair in every corner of your body. Who wouldn’t want a razor that follows the contours of their body to shave each hair? Well, for this reason, electric razors are worth it.

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