How to Make a DIY Sugar-Scrub

To prevent irritation and issues with shaving, you should frequently exfoliate your skin. Skin exfoliation allows for dead skin cells to be washed away. There are several ways that you can exfoliate your skin, including using a scrub brush, using an exfoliating soap, or using a sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliation and are extremely easy to make.

Making Your Own Sugar Scrub

Creating your own sugar scrub is easy and a great way to customize your scrub. Here are some things that you will need to get started:

• Containers. You will need something to put your sugar scrub in. Making a large batch will help to ensure that you have your sugar scrub for whenever you wish to exfoliate your skin. Make sure that the container you get can be tightly sealed as you do not want any water to get into your sugar scrub. A popular choice for containing sugar scrubs is to get a mason jar.
• Mixing bowls. You will want to have one or two mixing bowls available for this process.
• Microwave or stovetop. To melt your oils, you will need to be near your microwave or stovetop.
• Spatulas or spoons. You will need to have several heat-safe spatulas or spoons available to stir the sugar scrub.
• Mixer. If you have a stand mixer or hand mixer, this can be helpful when mixing up all the ingredients.
• Safety equipment. It is a good idea to have gloves and eye protection when making sugar scrubs. You will have to heat up oils, and if you get them too hot, you could get burned.

Once you have compiled all of your equipment, you can next start on all the ingredients that you will need to make the sugar scrub.

Sugar Scrub Ingredients

One of the best things about making your own sugar scrub is that it is completely customizable. You can choose all of your own ingredients without any issues. Just make sure that you are adding enough sugar to make it truly exfoliating. Here are the ingredients that you will need to make your own sugar scrub.

• Oil. You will need some kind of base oil for your sugar scrub. Popular choices include olive oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. If you do plan on using coconut oil, get fractionated coconut oil as it will stay a liquid and be easy to rub on. If you need to use regular coconut oil, just put the sugar scrub in a warm place to allow the sugar scrub to be easier to spread.
• Additives. There are many different additives that you can put in your sugar scrub to help your skin. Things like cocoa butter, shea butter, cinnamon, vitamin E oil, and more can all help add to the sugar scrub.
• Sugar. You can use regular white sugar for the sugar scrub, or you can use brown sugar. Both will provide an excellent exfoliation to your skin.
• Salt. Some people choose to add some coarse salt into their sugar scrub mixture for extra exfoliation. You can choose to leave this in or out.
• Botanicals. You can choose to add flowers to your mixture to help to add to the sugar scrub. Things like rose petals, calendula flowers, and cornflowers can all help to enhance the sugar scrub. If you are going to add botanicals, allow the sugar scrub to sit for a few days to ensure that the maximum benefits are met.
• Essential oils. There are many essential oils out there that are good for the skin, and adding a few drops can help benefit the skin. For example, tea tree essential oil is well known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs and skin irritation after shaving. Lavender essential oil is great for relaxation, and many people add this into their sugar scrub for that purpose.
• Fragrance. If you want to add an additional fragrance to your sugar scrub, you can. There are many choices out there when it comes to fragrance oils. Just make sure that you are using a skin-safe option.

How to Make The Sugar Scrub

Once you have gotten all the equipment together and all of your ingredients, you can now begin making the sugar scrub.

Step One:

Get your oil and all of your additives. The amount you need will depend on how big of a batch you are going to make. You will want to slightly warm your oil, and if you are using additives like shea butter or cocoa butter, you will want to make sure those are thoroughly melted. Pour these oils and additives into a mixing bowl.

Step Two

Add your sugar to the bowl and mix thoroughly. You will want to make sure that you are using twice the amount of sugar that you are oil. You will want to whip your sugar scrub mixture well. If you need to, get out your mixer. Mix until the sugar scrub is the consistency you want.

Step Three

Add in any botanicals you wish to put in and stir thoroughly.

Step Four

Add your essential oils. It is important that you only use a few drops of essential oil in your recipe. Using too much can make the sugar scrub overpowering and difficult to use.

Step Five

Add in your fragrance. Make sure that you are using a skin-safe fragrance oil and do not put too much in as this can cause irritation to the skin. Mix your fragrance oil in well.

Step Six

Once you have mixed everything well, you can begin to put your sugar scrub into jars. Once you put your sugar scrub into the jars, make sure you secure the lid tightly and label the jars.

Your sugar scrub can last for several months, and since there is no water in the scrub, you do not need to worry about adding a preservative. Creating your own sugar scrub can help you to have a great exfoliation routine that helps to ensure that your skin is as healthy as possible.

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