How to Make Your Shave Last Longer

We all like the looks of a good shave. It is one of the indicators of proper grooming and well-kempt people. Some people just do it as a routine; after all, hair removal doesn’t need much expertise to perform. Although we might all know how to shave, do we know how to do it properly? Knowing how to achieve a closer and long-lasting shave not only leaves our faces and legs smoother but also saves a great deal of time. Despite the effort to keep up with the proper grooming techniques, shaving can become super tedious, especially if you have to take time off your schedule or visit the barber every two days. To demystify all this, we have compiled a list of tips on making your shave last longer.

Regularly Replace Your Razor
You cannot use your shaving blades forever, even if they are of the best quality. With extended usage, shaving blades become blunt and less effective. It would take much effort to achieve a perfect shave with a blunt blade. The worst part of using a blunt blade is that the hair will start growing within no time. Don’t pay much attention to the recommended number of times shaving blades should be replaced in a month. It all depends on how often you shave. The quality of the razor will also determine how long the blades remain sharp.

Use a Shaving Razor with More Than Two Blades
In this age, the market is filled with many good quality blades. This means that there is no excuse for using low-quality blades. Experts recommend that if you are looking for ways to make your shave last longer, you should use a razor with more than two blades. The theory behind this claim is that the more the blades, the closer and more thorough the shave is. This also makes the shaving process quicker as you won’t have to keep repeating to attain a good shave. It is much easier and faster to make a clean shave using a multiple blade razor than a single blade.

Shave After Shower
One of the easiest ways of making a shave last longer is to shave after you shower. Ideally, showering makes our hairs stand out. This is especially true for men with facial hair. It becomes a lot easier to cut the hairs from the roots when they are properly exposed. This ensures that no prickly hairs will sabotage your shave’s longevity or style. The heat, moisture, and humidity exposed to your skin during a shower make your skin softer. This makes it easier for the blade to glide and trim off the hairs.

Exfoliating a Day before Shaving
Like any other surface, the skin accumulates product, sweat, and dirt over time. This is why it is vital to exfoliate regularly. Typically, the process will involve a scrub with alpha-hydroxy, lactic, or glycolic acid that helps remove the dirt along with the dead skin cells. This is essential for a great shave as it allows you to cut the hair as close to the root as possible. A close or thorough shave guarantees more longevity.

Shave Against the Grain
Not even the best shaving razor or cream will be effective if you use the wrong shaving techniques. Shaving the wrong way will only make the process tedious and result in cuts and nicks on the skin. To make your shave last longer, experts recommend shaving against the grain. While this may take more effort, it enables the blades to cut deep into the hair follicle. Shaving along the grain is more comfortable and faster but will always leave stubble behind. Paired with the best shaving products available, this shaving technique guarantees a smoother and long-lasting shave.

Don’t Use Soap Instead of Shaving Cream
Many people use soap and water as a lubricant for helping the shaving blades glide better along the skin. Despite having an astringent effect that often leads to flaky, dry skin, soapy water is not suitable for achieving a great shave. There are several gels and foams explicitly formulated for shaving. These lubricants help the blades glide along more smoothly, achieving a safer and smoother shave. Besides making your shave last longer, great products will help keep your skin supple and soft after shaving. It is also advisable to shave with oil instead of cream or, worse, soap. Oils will soften your hair for shaving and help the razor glide better along the curves.

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