Introduction to Shaving

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If you’re a man, then you’re probably used to shaving your face on a pretty frequent basis. Women shave a number of parts on their body to maintain a healthy and clean look. It’s a process that we become very used to doing from a young age, and it’s widely accepted in our culture. If you’re new to shaving, then you probably have a lot of questions about this process. Even if you’ve been shaving for years, there is plenty that you can still learn. There’s probably a good deal of information that you’ve missed that can help you achieve a better shave.

Shaving Your Legs
Women shave their legs, and this is a lot of area to cover in the shower. The speed at which leg hair grows can be very different from woman to woman. Some women find that they have to shave each and every day to maintain smooth skin. Other women can go a full week in between shaves without noticing much hair growth.

Because the legs are very long and have a lot of curves to them, it’s common for women to accidentally cut themselves while shaving their legs. You can eliminate this scenario by investing in a good quality razor. A lubricating strip right on the razor will allow for smooth passes over the skin without causing nicks or cuts. You can also use a shave cream. These products allow for a smooth shave, but they will also moisturize the skin. This is beneficial if you’re shaving daily, as shaving can often dry out the skin if you’re not careful to replenish that moisture in some way.

Shaving Your Face
Some men like to sport a beard, but there are plenty of men that opt for a clean shave. The face is another area that can be prone to cuts if you’re not careful. Shaving cream comes in handy, and you can also use an aftershave product or lotion to keep your skin looking healthy and soft. There are razors that are designed for the face only. They bend and glide in a different manner that makes it easier to shave.

Shaving Other Areas
There are other areas of the body that you can shave the hair off of, including the underarms. Just make sure that you’re taking your time, using the right products and keeping up on your routine. It’s common to develop an ingrown hair or infection in some of the more sensitive areas of the body if you’re not careful enough. Make sure that you’re washing these areas thouroughly.

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The Number of Blades on Your Razor
There are so many different razors on the market right now. You can find products that come with two blades, or there are razors that even have four to five blades! The more blades that you have, the closer of a shave you will get. It will also be a smoother shave which will eliminate cuts. If you only opt for a two-blade razor, you’ll find that the blades are created differently. The first blade is actually quite dull. It is designed to guide the hair towards the second blade, which is much sharper. Multiple sharp blades ensure that you’re getting each and every hair that you pass over.

If I Shave Every Day, Will the Hair Grow in Thicker or Faster?
There is a myth that suggests shaving on a daily basis will cause your body hair to grow in much thicker and faster than if you were to shave less frequently. There is no truth to this statement. Regardless of how often you shave, your hair is going to grow back at the same frequency. You won’t notice that you’ve developed more hair follicles either. When you shave, you’ll find that the part of the hair that’s growing back in is the very thick point. That tends to make it look a little thicker than you’re used to.

Developing a good shaving routine is something you should try to establish from very early on in your life. Once you reach puberty, hair growth starts to pick up pretty rapidly. It’s likely that you want to eliminate at least some of this hair on your body to feel good about yourself. Finding the right products to use for shaving will make a huge different in how you look and feel each day.

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