Making a DIY Sugar Wax for Beginners

Hair removal can be a difficult process. There are at least a dozen different methods and depending on the person, certain forms of removal can be dangerous. Sugaring, a natural hair removal process, is a popular alternative to traditional waxing.

Waxing Techniques
Traditional waxing involves applying a mixture to the skin until it hardens. It is then removed suddenly from the opposite direction of hair growth. While this method can be effective for many people, it can be harsh on the skin.

Sensitive skin is likely to become irritated by this method of removal. Many traditional waxes cause hair to break instead of fully removing them from the root. If wax is mismanaged, this can cause red, bumpy, irritation or rashes.

Sugar waxing involves using a cooled paste on the skin. Unlike traditional waxing, sugaring removes hair in the direction it originated from. Instead of a sharp removal process, it is removed in quick and small pulls. Many people prefer sugar waxing because it exfoliates the surface of skin. This means it can be reapplied to the same area if necessary with less likelihood of skin irritation.

The Benefits of Sugar Waxing
Waxing is a very effective way to create smooth, hairless, skin. While razors can potentially cause less pain when used correctly, they usually don’t remove the same amount of hair. Sugar waxing effectively removes hair without the same type of pain that traditional waxing can cause.

Sugar waxing keeps skin smooth for approximately 3 weeks. Although the mixture is frequently considered wax, the texture is more like a paste. When applied with lukewarm temperature, the paste is removed directly.

Sugar wax is ideal for those with sensitive skin or a low pain threshold. While many people feel fine with the hot wax method, it can cause rashes and a burning sensation. Sugaring helps prevent red bumps or itching by using a different set of ingredients than traditional wax. This is often beneficial for fair skin and those who are prone to allergies.

Another benefit of sugaring has to do with the hair itself. By using this hair removal method, ingrown hairs are much less likely to occur. Ingrown hairs can irritate the skin and cause raised bumps and bruising if they become infected.

This type of hair removal can be done on almost any part of the body. The most popular areas include the bikini line and legs. These treatments are typically done once a month.

DIY Sugar Wax for Beginners
Sugar wax can be made at home with the right recipe. Because it’s an organic blend that does not need harsh chemicals, many ingredients can be found at home. To remove hair with less pain than traditional waxing, sugar waxing is dramatically growing in popularity.

-lemon juice
-glass jar

1.) Pour 1 cup of sugar in the bottom of a saucepan.
2.) Add ¼ cup lemon juice and ¼ cup water.
3.) Place the saucepan over medium heat until it boils.

Once the mixture turns to a honey color, the sugar wax is done.

What Exactly Is The Process?
The waxing method can seem mysterious for many reasons. Since going to a professional is always recommended, most people assume all methods are painful. By using the sugar method, waxing involves a quick way to gradually remove hair. If this sounds confusing, it’s not.

1.) Measure. Hair that is too long can be more painful to remove. The optimal length for hair removal is approximately ½ inch long.

2.) Clean the skin. Ideally, sugar waxing should be done after a shower. If this isn’t possible, soap and water can do. The hair removal area should be thoroughly dried after cleaning it.

3.) Rest a small ball of sugar mixture against the bottom of the hair. Press the wax against the direction of hair growth. Continue to stretch the wax across the entire area.

4.) Stretch the skin tightly while pulling the sugar wax away from the skin. This should be done in the direction of the hair growth.

5.) Use a flicking motion to remove the sugar ball (and hair). This can be done multiple times making the process gradual.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate for DIY Sugar Wax?
Sugar waxing is thought of as a safe alternative to traditional waxing methods. Men or women with sensitive skin may prefer sugaring because of its ability to be used at home. For those who have skin conditions or allergies, consulting a specialist may be necessary.

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