Manscaping: Tips and Tricks

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Manscaping: Tips and Tricks

Manscaping refers to the process of removing or trimming a man’s hair for beauty purposes. It’s a term made up of the words man and landscaping. It means removing a man’s hair through techniques such as plucking, waxing, and shaving.

Manscaping encompasses the removal of hair and the routine procedure that maintains hair on a man’s body. More than half of men admitted having groomed their pubic hair in a study carried out in the United States. Therefore, manscaping is a routine that, as a man, you should learn to carry out. However, most men don’t have the know-how or tricks to manscape their body hair effectively.

Below are highlights of useful tips and tricks to help you manscape your body hair effectively.

1. Use the Right Tools and Manscape Your Public Hair Carefully

It’s essential for you to be extra careful whenever you’re manscaping your body hair, particularly in your private parts. Failure to manscape your pubic hair slowly can lead to severe injuries resulting from sharp razors and scissors. Besides, the skin in your private parts is exceptionally delicate, and any slight mistake can cause devastating repercussions.

If you decide to manscape your hair using a razor, ensure you use a two-blade razor. Using fewer blades implies you have low chances of getting irritated or being cut. Additionally, using several blades means your manscaping tool will clog faster, increasing frustration that in turn makes you go hard with the blade. Using fewer blades still provides the smooth shave you require but remains gentle on your privates.

2. Take a Shower Before Manscaping to Avoid Cross-Contamination

One of the essential tips and tricks to keep in mind when manscaping is maintaining cleanliness. Make it a habit to take a shower before you start manscaping. Prior cleaning helps in softening your body hair and eradicates bacteria and germs that can infect your private parts.

Like cleaning your body, similar cleanliness tips and tricks should apply to the equipment you use when manscaping. For instance, you should never shave your face using the same razor you use when shaving your privates. Doing so helps in avoiding cross-contamination of one part by the bacteria in another part of your body.

Additionally, ensuring you use disposable razors each time you manscape is a great way to reduce contamination risk. Also, remember always to use new and sharp blades when shaving since dull ones increases the risk of scratches and irritation. Besides, since you’ll use disposable razors, you won’t be tempted to re-use them.

3. Apply a Pre-Shave Oil Before Manscaping

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Irrespective of the body part you’re manscaping, you must protect the skin in that area. Similar tips and tricks that are applicable when shaving your body are appropriate for your face. Razor blades give a smooth shave but have high risks of causing post-shave itchiness and irritation, particularly if you don’t lubricate your skin adequately. You should prepare your skin before manscaping it using a pre-shave oil to aid in protecting your skin. Also, the oil helps your manscaping razor glide smoothly and softens your body hair for a quick shave.

You can apply a pre-shave oil on either your body or face, but you should ensure it’s skin-healthy and won’t clog your pores. Some of the most effective pre-shave oils you can apply include caster, olive, and lavender oils that give a smooth glide. Besides, these oils make your body hair tender, making your manscaping session easy and safe.

4. Learn Quick First Aid Tricks

Whether you have experience or not, when manscaping, there are high chances you’ll cut yourself. In particular, if you’re manscaping sensitive body parts, the risk is even increased. Besides, you might not always see the areas you’re manscaping, mainly if it’s underneath your balls or shoulders. Such sensitive areas increase the risk of cutting yourself.

In case you cut your body part while manscaping, ensure you thoroughly clean the part using soap and clean water. Also, immediately you realize you have injured yourself, you should firmly hold the area to exert some pressure for ten minutes to minimize bleeding. As soon as the bleeding slows down, ensure you apply a petroleum ointment before covering the wound using a bandaid. Repeat this process until when the scab gets off. However, if your cut is minor, you don’t have to cover it, but it must be kept tidy at all times to avoid contamination. Finally, if all your first aid tricks don’t stop the bleeding or heal the wound quickly, you should seek medical attention for help.

5. Trim Before Going for a Close Shave

Whenever you’re having a manscaping session, always start by trimming excess hair before you can have a smooth shave. You can get an electric trimmer to aid you or use the more accessible pair of scissors. By beginning with a trim, you’ll minimize the pulling and plucking that you could otherwise experience. You can also “fluff” out your private hair with a comb before you start trimming them. Afterward, you should set your trimmer’s length parameter to a prolonged figure, mainly when you’re only trimming and not close shaving. In case the outcome doesn’t satisfy, you can adjust your trimmer settings and cut even further until you get the desired result.

Additionally, you should ensure you’re standing in the upright posture whenever you’re manscaping. Also, you should hold your trimmer with your free hand and use your other hand to position your privates out of any possible harm. When using scissors to manscape, you should ensure you comb your pubic hair before embarking on the trimming process. Furthermore, the comb acts as a length guide to minimize possible cuts while manscaping. Once you position the comb correctly against your skin, you can start trimming your pubic hair. Finally, always remember the golden trick of manscaping — maintain cleanliness after cutting by taking a shower or washing the area you just trimmed. Ultimately, by adopting these manscaping tips and tricks, you’ll succeed in keeping yourself well-groomed.

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