Men’s Razors vs. Women’s Razors: What are the Differences?

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There are several differences between a razor designed for women and one created for men. In the last few years, more brands have been releasing unisex razors onto the market. Women state they use men’s razors for coarse hair because they are sharper and more powerful. In fact, the design differences between the two razors are in place for several reasons.


The simplest way to identify a women’s razor is through color. The bright colors of women’s razors are a contrast to the dark colors used for men. Men’s razors rarely continue the color theme through the razor head, which the female version of razors generally does.

Razor Heads

The way the different genders use a razor differs in several ways. The differences between the design of razor heads for men and women reflect their different uses. Men shave their faces in straight lines across areas that do not offer much resistance. Women shave several parts of their bodies, including legs and bikini lines, which require the head to move into different areas. The simplest way of choosing between a razor for men and women is to look for a rounded head for women and a straight edge for men.


There are several differences between the blades used for men and those designed for women. The first difference is the angle of the blades for men that cut coarse facial hair. The use of women’s blades affects the design and positioning of them, with each blade cutting soft hair. Body hair is not as coarse as the facial hair of men and does not require the steep angle of shaving.

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Different Handles

The handles used for men’s and women’s razors look very different. There is more reason for the use of an arched shape for women’s razors than looking impressive. The design of a women’s razor includes a handle shaped to allow it to be used on several parts of the body. Shaving the face of a man does not require changes to the way the razor is held. Women use their razors in different ways and need a grip that is comfortable from several angles.

Lubricating Strips

There are several differences between the razors designed for men and women, including lubricating strips. The lubricating strips for men’s razors tend to be small because they are designed for the face. In contrast, women’s razors have a large lubricating strip containing oil or gel. The strips used for women’s razors are large because they return moisture to the armpits, legs, and bikini line after they are shaved.

Investing in the correct razor for your face is a good idea. Women will purchase more razors in their lifetime because they usually shave a larger area of their bodies.

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