Products/Ways to Prep your Skin Before Shaving

5 Products/Ways to Prep your Skin Before Shaving

To dress well is one thing and to be presentable with an enhanced personality is another. Not everyone knows the art of self-grooming and perfecting their appearance. The way you present yourself makes a significant impact on the viewers and helps create a positive image in their minds. Your dressing, style, personality, manner of conversing, appearance, everything acts as stratagems and tools of yours to help you earn respect among the people you surround yourself with.

Apart from the basics like smelling good, maintaining hygiene, and using the best hair care products, you also need to consider the excellent products and ways to prep your skin before shaving. Skincare is one essential element that must be a top priority. Shaving causes many razor bumps, rashes, and, many times, irritated skin. To avoid all this, below are the five products you should use to prep your skin before shaving:

Tips before Shaving

If you are a beginner in this area and need to know how to prepare your skin before shaving, you have come to the right place. Shaving is simple and easy, but you should never do it in a rush because it results in razor blade bruises that look awful and hurt at the same time. Also, it would help if you did not directly shave the part of your skin from where you want to remove the hair. Instead, you need to take a few things into account, which are mentioned below:

Wash your skin and Moisturize

The very first thing which you need to do before shaving is to cleanse your face properly with a cleanser. Your body hair happens to become thick when your skin is well hydrated, making them come off quickly. In this way, you can avoid skin irritation as well. Hence, soak your skin with lukewarm water for about a couple of minutes. If you are shaving your face, wash it and then cleanse it.

Use moisturizers which have Vitamin B5 and vitamin E’s presence to soothe irritated skin and seal in moisture.


If you want a perfect, smooth shave, exfoliating is the key. When you exfoliate, the dead skin is removed immediately, making it easier for the razor to slide and give you a smooth shave. Exfoliate your skin before shaving because it provides a closer and long-lasting shave. It is better to avoid exfoliating after shaving because it mainly causes irritation and itching on the skin.

It is recommended to use the scrubs which contain honey and brown sugar. It infuses protective antioxidants in your skin and softens it. Coconut Sugar scrubs are also a good option as they are made of coconut milk and coconut water for radiant skin.

Use a Shaving Gel

Now that your skin is hydrated, you need to apply the right amount of shaving gel over the area you want to shave. Shaving gel helps protect your skin from any cuts, nicks, and hair pulls during your shave. It also prevents moisture loss, post-shave irritated skin, and re-shaving the same area repeatedly.

Use a good shaving gel that will avoid irritation while you shave. Nothing breaks your heart more when someone points out that your skin was perfect earlier, and now it is getting dry and has acne all over. Shaving creams with shea butter are recommended because they soften the skin and are also budget-friendly.

Choose the right razor

Choosing the right razor for your shave is very important for your skin. If you choose a cheap and unclean razor, you are most likely to get skin infections. Many razor blades last between five or ten shaves. You should make sure if your razor blade is sharp and clean. Rinse your razor after shaving and keep it in a dry place.

Use Sun Screen

Do not have direct contact with the sunlight, especially before and after shaving. The sunlight can seriously damage your skin if you do not apply anything to it before exposing it to the Sun. If you shave on sun burnt skin, your skin will irritate and hurt. Use sunscreen while going out in the sun. It will help your skin from burning and lower the chance of breakouts on your face. Always choose a sunscreen with the highest SPF.

Hence before shaving, you need to keep the above factors in your mind and be careful. They will prove influential once you start to take care of your diet and health as well.

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