The Dangers of Dry-Shaving

Everyone does dry shaving at some point, but is it something you should do?

While there may be many reasons to resort to dry shaving like if you’re late for something or you run out of a product, you should avoid doing this. It’s better to skip a day of shaving than deal with some of the following dangers of dry shaving.

Cuts and Nicks

The first danger you should know about is cuts and nicks. Of course, these could happen even if you lubricate your skin before you shave, but the likelihood is higher when you don’t.

Keep in mind that you are gliding a sharp piece of metal across your skin, and your skin is quite sensitive. The likelihood of experiencing cuts and nicks is even higher if your shaving technique is not impeccable.

You don’t want to explain what happened to you when someone notices those cuts or nicks. Your skin can only take so much, so try to be gentle with it. You know that one little cut could expose you to harmful bacteria, which is another negative point against dry shaving, not that you need more.

Keep in mind that scarring is possible if you continually damage your skin when you shave. That hair will continue to grow, and you’ll need to shave, so just do your best to keep a healthy stock of your shaving product so that you don’t resort to dry shaving.

Stings and Burns

Again, you’re pressing a sharp blade on delicate skin without a buffer and nothing to ensure the blade glides on the skin. Folks may feel one of the effects of dry shaving immediately, which is a burning or stinging sensation. This doesn’t stop once you’re done shaving. It continues to feel like that for a while after you’re done shaving. You’ve irritated your skin considerably, so there’s bound to be some pain.

The sensation will make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day, and no one wants that. You could put some aloe vera on your skin or maybe some coconut oil to try to soothe the skin, but it’s going to take a while before you feel 100 percent normal again.

Dry or Flaky Skin

When you irritate your skin the way you might if you resort to dry shaving, you might experience dry skin, maybe even severe dry skin. You don’t want to experience any form of dry skin because it leads to unpleasant outcomes.

For example, sometimes, your skin can get so dry that you might get itchy. You don’t want to constantly scratch all day because you tried to shave without cream. Since your skin is dry, constant scratching could cause you to hurt yourself.

Dry skin could also make it easier for premature lines to develop. Now, this won’t happen overnight, but it could happen if you make a habit out of dry shaving.

Dry skin in that area or anywhere else for that matter could form lines. The reason your skin doesn’t have lines is because it’s able to stay lubricated and moisturized, but dry skin takes all that away. If you care about looking young as long as possible, you want to stay away from dry shaving.

Uneven Outcome

If you like your skin to feel smooth after shaving, you won’t get that when dry shaving. Since the blade isn’t gliding over your skin, the chances of making small mistakes along the way are high. You could cut yourself as mentioned earlier, but even if that doesn’t happen, you might end up with an uneven cut.

When you caress the area, you’ll feel a stubbly patch of skin. If someone else touches your skin, he or she will notice as well. All you have to do is wait till you have the right shaving cream to avoid this issue, and it’s worth the wait.

Ingrown Hair

The chances of ingrown hair increases if you practice dry shaving. Ingrown hairs can be uncomfortable and cause a small bump on the skin, which could get pretty painful. This sometimes happens because the hair wasn’t shaved correctly and somehow got stuck underneath the skin, yet it keeps growing.

As you can imagine, hair that grows under the skin will begin to hurt given enough time. Most of the time, this little bump goes away on its own, but sometimes, it does not go away. Every so often, a health care professional has to make a small incision on the ingrown hair to give you some relief, but that’s rare.

If you think this is the only thing you have to worry about, you’d be wrong. That same ingrown hair could get infected, too. This is another thing that doesn’t happen often but can. The condition is sometimes called folliculitis.

It’s a painful condition. You might see small white bumps around the ingrown hair that need to be addressed as soon as possible. You could end up losing that hair forever and might develop permanent scarring.

Depending on where the ingrown hair infection occurs, you might not be able to hide these scars, and that’s not a good thing. Your self esteem could suffer because of these scars. Covering up scars is not an easy task. Your skills with makeup have to get pretty good unless you cover up with a tattoo you didn’t want. Don’t worry though because these scars are preventable if you avoid dry shaving altogether.

Now, you know all the dangers linked to dry shaving, so do your best to stay away from this practice. If you want to know more about how dry shaving affects your skin, talk to your dermatologist. This person can tell you so much more about what happens to your skin when you irritate it in this manner.

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