Top 10 Shaving Tips to Reduce Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs

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Razor burns happen more often than they should, and they can be quite irritating depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Redness, swelling, itchiness, tenderness, and a burning sensation are all possible if you experience razor burn, so preventing this problem is vital. As a bonus, you reduce the possibility of dealing with ingrown hairs. The following are the top 10 shaving tips that should help you prevent these issues.

1. Get Wet

The first thing you have to do is wet the area you’re going to shave. Allow that area to soak in water for about five minutes, which should be good enough. Your hair will soak up the water and soften a bit, which should make it easier to shave.

Keep in mind that your hair is tough when it’s dry, which makes it harder to shave, and that could force you to go over a patch of skin several times. That leads to irritation. As you can see, it’s important to ensure that your shaving routine is a bit more involved.

2. Make it Warm

It’s important to use warm water or a warm wet cloth to moisturize your hair before you start. The reason it needs to be warm is to make sure those blood vessels under the skin swell up a bit. This may not sound too important, but it’s a good thing if you’re planning to shave.

Swollen blood vessels make it easier for the razor to glide over your skin. A reason you might experience razor burn is because your razor can’t glide across the skin smoothly.

3. Exfoliate Before

Exfoliation is another important step to add to your pre-shave routine. There are many exfoliation products out there, so just choose one that works best for you.

Make sure you exfoliate gently. You are about to shave, so your skin doesn’t need extra irritation right now. Exfoliation helps because it gets rid of dead skin and loose hair. These things cause unnecessary friction, which could lead to razor burn.

4. Check the Razor

You know you want a smooth glide, and you can achieve this if you follow some of the aforementioned suggestions, but this only works if your razor is new enough. A razor can’t shave as well after 10 uses, and that’s pushing it a bit.

A dull blade can make it hard to shave well, and the likelihood that it’ll hurt your skin is high. If you don’t remember the last time you changed the blade, then just be safe and get a new one. There are razor subscription services so that you always have a new one ready to go.

5. Touch of Oil

The next thing you might want to consider is a pre-shaving oil. The goal here is to prevent as much friction as possible between the blade and your skin. Placing a tiny bit of oil around the area you’re going to shave should make things easier for you.

Oil doesn’t mix well with water, and you’re going to be using that in your favor because the oil you put on your skin should lock in moisture. This keeps your skin as moisturized as possible. The razor is going to have an easier time gliding across your skin if it’s moisturized.

6. Cream Up

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Sure, a little oil can replace your shaving cream, but the truth is that if you use both, then the chances of experiencing razor burn are low. High-quality shaving cream helps remove unwanted hair without irritating your skin.

Using both oil and cream should help you achieve one of the closest shaves you’ve ever had. You know you want that, so there’s no reason not to use both. Allow the cream to sit on the skin for a minute before you shave. Remember, high-quality shaving cream is creamy rather than foamy.

7. Shave Towards the Growth

It’s important to shave towards the hair growth rather than against it. It’s tempting to shave against the growth to get a closer shave, but you want to use the aforementioned steps to do this correctly.

If you do everything right, you won’t feel the need to shave against your hair growth. When you shave incorrectly, the chances of irritating your skin are higher. If you’ve never noticed which way your hair grows, then find out before you get started.

8. Pressure-less Glide

Be sure to apply a little pressure when you shave. Some want to apply more pressure because they think they’re going to get a closer shave. Well, you’ll get a closer shave if you press the blade on your skin, but you’ll hurt your skin, and that’s something to avoid.

Resist pressing the blade on your skin; just hold it there and let it glide over the patch of skin that needs to be shaved. Make sure you only use short strokes rather than long ones to avoid pressing on your skin too much.

9. Rinse Every so Often

You want to rinse the blade every so often as you shave. You’re doing this to get rid of any hair on the blade and to remove the shaving cream on the blade.

This may not seem like a big deal, but if you let these accumulate, you might deal with razor burn. Too much shaving product on the blade can interfere with the glide. The same thing happens if there’s too much shaved hair. Rinse with hot water and continue to shave; that’s all you have to do.

10. Re-Apply for the Second Glide

Sometimes, there are problem areas, and that’s okay. You can’t shave these areas without preparing them first. You have to add more shaving cream before you pass your razor over it to reduce the chances of irritating your skin too much.

Ideally, you can prevent this issue with the tips here, but if you must go over an area again, always apply more shaving cream.

You’ve got all the tips you need to reduce razor burn and the chances of dealing with ingrown hairs. If you already have razor burn, try to apply something soothing to reduce the sensations like aloe vera.

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