Top 5 Aftershave Products for Men

After shaving, most men need some form of skin care to help protect and moisturize the face. Without the proper aftershave materials, facial skin can become red and itchy or even sore. Creating a shaving routine can help skin health in addition to providing a masculine scent.

What Is A Shaving Routine?
Men with shaving routines often have well-kept facial hair with little skin irritation. By incorporating shaving into a daily routine, trimming facial hair or shaving the entire face can be done much more quickly. Messy facial hair can easily become oily or dirty if it’s not properly taken care of on a regular basis.

There are a variety of razors to choose from when it comes to facial hair. Electric razors, disposable razors and specialized razors can all produce quality results. Choosing the right razor really depends on the individual. When finding one that works best, skin conditions, hair type, and experience should all be considered.

A shaving routine is best used in the morning. Many aftershave lotions and shaving products have a mild scent to them that many people find subtly attractive. Shaving in the morning allows for that scent to mix with individual skin pheromones and hair follicles. A morning shaving routine also helps facial hair looking tidy throughout the workday.

A typical shaving routine can include:
1.) Initial rinse. First the face is rinsed with warm water. This helps get rid of grease and skin grime before putting on any shaving products. Using soap or a cleanser will help disinfect and clean the area. For sensitive skin, certain cleansers are less likely to cause skin irritation.

2.) Pre-shave oil. Pre-shave oil can nourish the skin before shaving. This often means skin is appropriately soft before a razor makes contact. Pre-shave oil adds a thin, extra layer to the skin to make shaving safer and smoother. This can also help keep skin moisturized and hydrated throughout the day.

3.) Razors. There are several styles of razors available both online and in drug stores. Cartridge blades should be replaced after 6 shaves while safety blades require replacement after 3. Before using the razor, apply shaving cream or lotion to the entire area and shave with the grain.

4.) Cleanser and disinfectant. After thoroughly rinsing the shaving cream and any stray whiskers off the face, aftershave can be used. An alcohol-free disinfectant and kill germs without drying out the skin. Certain aftershaves can prevent breakouts or minimize the likelihood of irritation.

5.) Moisturizer. Applying moisturizer at the end of the shaving process helps hydrate skin. Lotion can also make newly-shaven areas feel softer and smoother. Moisturizers that have sunscreen are especially good at preventing skin damage.

Best Aftershave Products For Men
1.) Balm. Pacific Shaving Co. Caffeinated Aftershave Balm is designed to provide moisturizer for a smooth touch. By using naturally-derived caffeine, it can reduce the appearance of redness. Other ingredients include aloe and spearmint.

2.) Toner. Jack Black Toner is a post-shave solution with exfoliating hydroxy acids. This is particularly helpful for men who are prone to ingrown hairs. By using shave toner, pores are less likely to become clogged.

3.) Lotion. Proraso aftershave lotion is an Italian brand of lotion that focuses on hydration. Depending on which type of lotion used, Proraso aftershave provides nourishment for a smooth and clean feel. Lotions can add a faint scent to the end of a shaving routine.

4.) Tonic towels. Disposable aftershave clothes can double as disinfectant wipes. Fulton & Roark aftershave wipes include witch hazel and tea tree oil. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, this type of wipe can ease irritation while keeping pH levels balanced.

5.) Cooling gel. Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel, is designed to reduce discomfort felt from shaving. Many men experience an itchy sensation that can feel warm to the touch after shaving facial hair. Cooling gel soothes irritated skin with a thick lather.

Other Useful Products
Stubble cream can be particularly useful for men who want to keep some of their facial hair. This type of product can soften facial hair as well as hair follicles.

Burn relief solution is another great product for skin irritation. Certain types of petroleum jelly may be able to help with skin irritation. Burn relief solution can be found over-the-counter in many pharmacies.

Facial Hair Care
A shaving routine helps both skin and facial hair. By paying close attention to the face on a daily basis, irritation and stray follicles can be treated. Aftershave products can reduce shaving discomfort while adding a relaxing morning ritual.

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