Top 5 All-Natural Aftershave Lotions for Women with Sensitive Skin

The skin requires some prep work before and after you shave. You know how taxing shaving can be on your skin, which is the reason you have to do all this work, but silky skin is worth the trouble.

Some women skip these steps, but hopefully, you aren’t one of them, especially if you have sensitive skin. The following are the top natural aftershave lotions for women like you.

1. Mario Badescu After Shave Lotion

Mario Badescu aftershave lotion can do a lot for you, thanks to its moisturizing ingredients. You’ll find things like oatmeal and allantoin in this formula that offer a soothing sensation after a shave.

The skin can feel kind of rough after a shave; sometimes, you may even experience a little burning in the area. All that can be addressed with this product.

You should know this product also contains healing ingredients. This is good for those occasional cuts people deal with. This happens to even the best shavers, so having something that’ll promote healing is good to have around.

2. Herbivore Botanical Natural After Shave

Many aftershave products contain alcohol, and while this can be effective, some folks don’t want to use this ingredient. If your one of these folks, that’s okay because there are alternatives like Herbivore Botanical Natural aftershave.

This little product is a bit more expensive than others, but it does a wonderful job, which is why many people feel it’s worthy of the price. You’ll find things like witch hazel and aloe vera in this product.

Both ingredients, along with other ones, can help hydrate your skin, and you’ll need that after you shave. When you hydrate, your skin becomes smoother, and that’s the goal, right? The ingredients should also help fight dryness if that’s something you deal with.

3. Completely Bare Don’t Grow There Aftershave

Completely Bare Don’t Grow There aftershave has a funny name, but it’s a popular product. Now, this is not some magical elixir or anything, so it can’t stop your hair from growing back, but what it can do is slow it down a bit.

You know how difficult it is to shave and you must do it often. With this product, you don’t have to shave as often as you normally would. You get a chance to decrease irritation and allow your skin to heal from the trauma of shaving. Of course, this product does everything else you expect. It helps moisturize the skin to make it as soft as possible. There are no parabens or phthalates to worry about.

4. Shaveworks The Cool Fix After Shave

Shaveworks The Cool Fix aftershave is dermatologist tested and free of parabens. People want products that are tested rigorously by experts to ensure safety and quality. This is what this company is offering you. It contains some interesting ingredients like glycolic acid and coffee.

These ingredients create a soothing aftershave experience and even promote healing. These ingredients also reduce inflammation if you suffer from that, and they can also help with any ingrown hairs you might deal with. Ingrown hairs can be quite uncomfortable and could even lead to an infection. It’s great to have a product that can help with this issue if it ever develops.

5. Cremo Skin Clearing Aftershave

Cremo Skin Clearning aftershave is a formula that people fall in love with, mainly because the product is effective and soothing. When you feel the product, you’ll notice it feels like heaven; it’s so thick, which shows you it’s high quality.

It’s meant to soothe razor bumps, and it should also help you deal with blemishes and ingrown hairs that are difficult to get rid off. Some of the natural ingredients you’ll find in this aftershave include cacao butter, aloe vera, and coconut oil, just to name a few. These ingredients create a very rich aftershave that moisturizes your skin enough to feel as soft as it should.

Now, you have five good aftershave products that you might want to consider adding to your shaving routine, especially if you have sensitive skin. Hopefully, one of these works for you. You can also get recommendations from your dermatologist.

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