Top 5 Body Scrubs for Post-Shave Skincare

No matter your skin type, whether oily, dry, or acne-prone skin, using a body scrub after shaving can help keep ingrown hairs away and replenish your skin. One of the most common side effects you may experience after shaving is ingrown hairs, which is why it’s essential to use post-shave skincare. The American Academy of Dermatology states that ingrown hairs are produced by curved follicles that enter the skin when the hair is cut and start re-growing. This is where post-shave exfoliation comes in.

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind
Before we outline our top five body scrubs for post-shave skincare, it’s important to note a few reminders for exfoliation:

  1. Naturally, your skin sheds dead cells after every four weeks to allow for the generation of new skin cells.
  2. In most cases, this process isn’t complete, resulting in some dead cells remaining behind. This is the reason behind any flaky dryness on your skin and clogged pores.
  3. Finding the right exfoliator can help clear out anything that your skin leaves behind, plus it can prevent the issue from recurring. Additionally, it can enhance brighter and glowing skin, better product absorption, and improved collagen production.

With that in mind, here is a comprehensive list of the top body scrubs for exfoliation to keep your body free from dead skin cells.

Eczema Honey Oatmeal Scrub
Eczema Honey works best for dry skin. It is considered one of the best body exfoliators as it contains natural and gentle moisturizing ingredients that work magic on dry skin. Its most valuable component is honey, which helps to draw and keep in moisture. However, before using the Eczema Honey, it is recommended that you do a patch test. This is important because some folks have reported allergic issues, so you want to ensure it’s safe for your skin type.

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Triple Exfoliator
Aromatherapy Associates is a multipurpose exfoliator that works perfectly for both your face and body. It is packed with three effective ingredients; corn cob granules, natural bamboo, and rose water infused jojoba. They work jointly to eliminate impurities, polish, brighten, and soothe your skin. The scrub gives you a romantic tub therapy, taking you to a floral wonderland. It also helps to maintain smooth and gorgeous skin.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub
This is a cleansing scrub that works well with oily skin. It is rich in beta hydroxyl, known for its power in gently cleansing even into deep pores. Neutrogena Deep scrub contains microbeads that make it perfect for eradicating blackhead-causing dirt and oil. It is worth noting that Neutrogena is developed from a dermatologist-proven formula and doesn’t contain comedogenic ingredients. That means it has zero propensity to clog pores and is less likely to cause acne. Although it forms a creamy lather, Neutrogena rinses the skin and leaves it clean.

REN Clean Skincare
REN Clean Skincare is one of the leading anti-fatigue exfoliator body scrubs that can give your skin and muscles the tender love and care they need for ultimate relaxation. This scrub is more of a balm than a gel or cream. It’s rich in magnesium salts and fresh sea kelp that work jointly to eliminate dead skin cells. It also helps relieve muscle stress and boosts your body’s natural detoxification process.

For the best results, apply REN Clean Skincare throughout your body and get into a warm water tub. Then allow the minerals and oils to diffuse in the tub. Other little things that add liking to this particular exfoliator include its pot-like design with an easy-to-open-and-close lid for lifting.

CÉLA Black Gold Coffee Scrub
Does your skin have sun damage? If yes, CÉLA Black Gold Supreme Coffee Scrub is your go-to body exfoliator. This coffee scrub gives you a rich, sweet scent and enables your skin to fight the damaging elements of the sun’s UV radiation, nourishing your skin. Furthermore, the conditioning Abyssinian oil and Cupuaçu butter found in the product protect and soothe your skin, as the caffeine saturates it.

This can help tighten your skin and combat the appearance of cellulite. CÉLA Black Gold Coffee Scrub is free from sulfate and paraben; hence it is harmless. However, remember that coffee can be abrasive. Therefore, avoid scrubbing too hard or using it on broken skin.

Your body needs tender care after a shave to keep it in good health and shape. There are hundreds of body scrubs out there you can use for your post-shave skincare routine. The five mentioned above are some of the best. Choose the one that suits your skin type. However, don’t scrub too harshly, as it can bruise your skin, causing dryness or redness.

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