Top 5 Disposable Razors for Women of 2021

Top 5 Disposable Razors for Women of 2021

Are you a woman searching for the right disposable razor for your shaving needs? If so, there are several alternatives in the market for you to select from to get the job done. However, the more choices you have, the more it becomes difficult for you to find the best disposable razor. While searching for a disposable razor, you must ensure that you pick one that can reach all women’s body curves.

The following are the top five disposable razors for women of 2021 that you can use for your shaving needs.

1. Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable

Most disposable razors don’t come with a hinged head, but the Gillette Venus Sensitive is one of the few that has it. The hinged head’s advantage is that it enables you to reach hidden parts of your body, including armpits and privates. Each of its six razors comes ready with three blades, a cartridge casing, and a moisture strip.

Gillette Venus Sensitive razor’s blades can only do two to three shaves before becoming dull. The razor is more suitable for women with sensitive skin. However, before using it, you should lather the area with shaving cream to minimize irritation and get a close shave.

2. Schick Quattro Razor

Regardless of it being a disposable razor, the Schick Quattro did better than most refillable razors during a test. In the trial, it demonstrated better gliding over your skin without leaving you irritated. Besides, it offers a long-lasting close shave that leaves you happy and satisfied.

Other benefits this razor offers include easy accessibility of most parts of the body due to its pivoting razor head. Additionally, the Schick Quattro razor comes with a handle that gives a comfortable grip while shaving.

3. BIC Soleil Smooth Colors Disposable

The BIC Soleil comes with three blades and a moisture strip. The razor can last for two to three shaves and contains sharp blades to give a nice smooth shave. Its broad plastic-material handle is well curved and includes a rubber coating to provide you with a firm grip when shaving. Its razor head contains a small plastic casing, making this disposable razor a perfect option when traveling. The Soleil is one of the most reliable disposable razors for individuals looking for a durable razor.

However, the BIC Soleil Disposable razor doesn’t have a hinging head, increasing the risk of getting a cut when shaving. Besides, its head is rectangular instead of a rounded one, making it uncomfortable when shaving tight areas of your body.

4. Gillette Venus Tropical Disposable

The Gillette Venus razor comes in a set of three or six nicely colored razors. Each of them contains three blades, a hinging head, and a moisture strip. Its hinged head is a unique feature most disposable razors lack, and this gives the razor an advantage over other disposables. A hinged head is crucial as it enables you to shave even in curvy parts of your body without having to worry about cutting yourself. Also, the moisture strip allows the razor to stay lubricated. However, it’s recommendable you use this razor after applying shaving cream or soap.

Some of the Gillette Venus Disposable limitations include its light handle that makes the grip uncomfortable and may lead to a slip. Additionally, if your skin is sensitive, you might feel irritated, particularly if you don’t apply shaving cream. Finally, the Gillette Venus Tropical can only last for several shaves before becoming dull.

5. BIC Silky Touch Twin Blade Disposable Razor

The Silky Touch Disposable razor is a one-time use razor with twin blades and lacks both moisture and soap strips. Its holed-handle uses minimal plastic to lower the risk of environmental pollution that these disposables pose. The advantage of the Silky Touch Disposable is it’s cheap, making them affordable for anybody who needs one.

A few of the limitations of the BIC Silky Touch Disposable razor include the ease to snap. Besides, the razor only does a single shave, and it doesn’t come with both a moisture or soap strip. With these disposable razors, to remove hair from a given section altogether, you need to swipe the part several times. Even though most users don’t prefer a single-use razor, BIC Silky Touch Disposable has a significant market segment. For instance, such a razor is suitable for tattoo artists or health facilities. In such settings, you require a new razor each time a new customer or patient comes. Ultimately, the highlighted razors are the top five disposable razors for women of 2021.

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