Top 5 Small Razor and Shaving Businesses to Support

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Gone are the days of going to the drugstore to buy the low-quality razor just because it is cheap. Shaving should be a pleasurable experience. Many people strive to get value for every penny they spend. To enjoy your shaving experience, you need to pay a visit to the best small razor and shaving businesses. They have customers’ changing demands in mind.

These shaving club companies strive to provide their customers with a luxurious shaving experience worth their while. They take into account their quality of products and services and offer them at the best prices. With the razor and shaving industry gaining traction, individuals become spoilt for choice. Here is a list of the top five small razor and shaving companies worth supporting:

1. Harry’s

When it comes to shaving clubs, you can never go wrong with Harry’s. Their shaving products have mens’ designs that are still suitable for women. Harry’s has a discounted starter set that is all-inclusive. It includes a shaving gel, a travel blade cover, a cartridge with five blades, and a rubberized handle. Their discounted price goes down from $13 to $5. Harry’s price range works for different budgets. Depending on one’s preference, you can enjoy deluxe kits ranging between $15 and $35.

Harry’s subscription depends on how often an individual wants to shave. You can subscribe monthly, bi-monthly, or 3-5 months. With their products designed in Germany, Harry’s focuses on high-quality craftsmanship and simplicity. Harry’s low prices make it one of the best shaving clubs worth supporting. Once you decide on a specific package, consistency is maintained in delivery. It works perfectly for individuals who love routines. Harry’s remain top of their game, shaping up the sleepy razor market.

2. Dollar Shave Club

The business arena is dynamic. The Dollar Shave Club is among the players in the shaving industry redefining the market. The team behind Dollar Shave Club is innovative and creative in its solutions. The Dollar Shave Club has developed a new approach to shaving solutions creating the best razor business model giving the giants a run for their money. They are disrupting the industry veterans by providing customers with what they need.

Their attack on the traditional blade and razor model has been successful. They ensure they create value for the customer by exceeding expectations. The Dollar Shave Club’s monthly subscription includes free shipping involving two higher ends plans. It is a shaving company worth supporting for its high-quality products at low costs. Its business model involves applying low-cost economics by sourcing its blades from a South Korean manufacturer. With the Dollar Shave Club, you can enjoy your starter kit at as low as $5. It includes a razor, cartridges, and shaving butter gel. Once you decide what you need, you can continue enjoying undisrupted delivery with packages under $30.

3. Bevel

When it comes to shaving, people have different experiences. Bevel is among the top brands when it comes to solving shaving problems for men of color. Tristan Walker, Bevel founder, realized a niche in the shaving market. They have well-packaged products you can’t say no to. Bevel is the first shaving company for men of color using natural ingredients. Men of color have to deal with issues of ingrown hair, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation. Bevel provides natural solutions using aloe vera, tea tree oil, and salicylic and lactic acids to curb bacteria and infections.

The number one shaving club for men of color considers both curly and coarse hair. Individuals get to subscribe to products meeting their needs. Their packages range from toner to face wash. Bevel provides some of the best offers and discounts in the market. They have a starter kit containing a shave brush, razor, shave cream, 60 blades, a restorative balm, and priming oil. Their 10% off on all a la carte buying makes it more ideal for men of color. Bevel is worth supporting in all aspects to take care of the men of color with special shaving needs.

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4. Supply

Supply is a shaving club taking shaving to a whole new level. They are classic in their approach and bring new flair to the shaving industry by going old school. Supply shaving club works towards getting rid of razor burns using a single-blade. Supply believes that the single-blade cuts at the skin level, and the multi-blade goes under the skin level, causing irritation. Supply believes in customer satisfaction and offers its consumers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

Supply allows its customers to refund any product not performing to expectation during the 100 days, without any strings attached. Its business model is different from the subscription approach. Individuals are allowed to place orders as often as they wish.

5. Happy legs club

Happy legs club has the women in mind. It is a shaving company based out of Asheville, NC, that provides high-quality razors worth their high price tags. They have the triple-blade and the five-blade razor that comes with a bikini blade on top. Their razors include four cartridges during the first shipment and are usually followed by a refill of six cartridges.

Most of the shaving clubs have focused on men. Happy legs club is among the few shaving clubs providing ultimate solutions to women’s shaving. This kind of business should be encouraged and supported to take care of the women in different communities. The pricing may be high, but the razor and blades’ quality is worth every penny spent.

Final thoughts

The razor and blade industry is forging towards subscriptions. Most of the industry players have realized the gap in subscriptions and home delivery. Today’s customer looks at the quality of the product or service and convenience. With many people having to deal with busy schedules, paying for subscriptions in the shaving club is the best option.

Individuals need to support the new kids in the block in the shaving industry. They have come up with new rules in the game, giving the old dogs a run for their money. The top five razor and shaving businesses mentioned above are worth supporting to enjoy quality products and services.

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