Top 7 Disposable Razors for Men of 2021

Shaving is a delicate procedure. It needs to be done meticulously. If done improperly, it can lead to razor bumps, cuts, permanent scarring, and even infections. You don’t want any of these issues, do you? To prevent them from happening, the first thing you need is a good razor. A good razor can significantly improve your shaving experience. But with numerous razor brands to choose from, identifying the right razor isn’t easy. From electric razors to disposable ones, there’s a barrage of options available. If you’re a traditionalist and you favor the latter type, here’s a list of top razor brands you should consider.

1. Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive

The Gillette’s Mach 3 Disposable Razor is ideal for sensitive skin. It’s suitable for several skin types, and it’s fitted with three blades for a closer shave with fewer strokes. Plus, it features micro fins that protect the skin while shaving by smoothening it. Additionally, its blades are well spaced out, making it incredibly easy to rinse hairs out. The one downside is its price. It’s pricier than most disposables, but it’s a desirable option for sensitive skin.

2. Bic Twin Select

If you don’t want to fork out on a razor, the Bic Twin Select is a good, inexpensive choice for sensitive skin. It’s a lightweight blade that’s fitted with dual blades for a close shave. And thanks to its slim shaving head and tapered handle, you’ll get more grip as you shave. While it doesn’t have many nifty features like other blades, it’s a decent blade.

3. Schick Hydro 5

Many razor blades are fitted with a lubricating strip that provides lubrication. Unlike other razors, this one takes an unconventional approach. Instead, it comes with a Hydrating Gel Reservoir. This Reservoir lasts longer than conventional lubrastrips, and it offers enhanced protection and lubrication too. It’s also one of the few blades with a flip trimmer that will enable you to shave areas that are difficult to reach. If you’re looking for a razor that provides great lubrication and a precise shave, it’s an excellent choice.

4. Gillette Sensor 2 Plus

Unlike the regular Sensor 2, the Sensor 2 Plus is a dual razor blade with a water-activated lubrastrip for an enhanced shaving experience. And to enhance your shave even further, it has a pivoting head for better shaving rhythm. What’s more, its handle offers an exceptional grip for a more comfortable shave. It’s a fairly pricey razor, but its excellent results and features may justify its price tag.

5. Bic Flex 3

This is another affordable razor by Bic. It features a trio of flexible blades for a closer shave. Also, thanks to its lubrastrip, you’ll experience minimal irritation. For an incredibly low price, you’ll get a pack with eight razors. There is one downside, though – its blades get dull fairly fast.

6. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Power

If you love a traditional shave but want a sophisticated razor, few come closer to this one. For starters, it’s a five-blade razor that uses FlexBall Technology to help the razor swiftly navigate your face’s contours. Another useful feature is its precision trimmer that will enable you to shave areas that are difficult to reach. And to add to its sophistication, it has a micro comb for enhanced styling. Overall, it’s a great razor with lots of bells and whistles, but if you’re looking for a cheap and simple razor, you may want to opt for other options on this list.

7. Bump Fighter

This razor is tailor-made for African-American men. African-American men are especially susceptible to razor bumps due to ingrown hairs. True to its name, Bump Fighter is great at preventing razor bumps. Additionally, it has a pivoting head for better glide. It doesn’t provide the closest shave, but if your skin is sensitive and prone to bumps, it’s an excellent choice.

There are numerous razor options. Identifying the right razor can be mind-numbing. However, before you settle on a razor, pay attention to the following qualities:

  • Head type
  • Number of blades
  • Lubrication
  • Price against quality

Once you’ve carefully considered these qualities, you can then narrow down your choices. Ultimately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to the right razor. The right razor for you will depend on your hair and skin type, and personal preferences.

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